Game Night Specials

Hockey Specials

$5 Golden Mules featuring Stoli Gold

$5 Stoli gluten-free cocktail

$8 Wing Dings or Chef’s Hockey Special

Hockey Giveaway

Special Giveaway home games at the end of every period

(see bartender for details)


Football Specials

$12 Buckets of Corona, Corona Light, Corona Premier, or Modelo

$8 Wing Dings or Chef’s Football Special

Football Giveaway

Corona Bike at the end of season

(see bartender for details)




Elixir’s Pirate Party 2017

Wild West Casino Night 2017

St. Patrick’s Day 2017

VIP Holiday Party

Happy Halloween from Elixir Lounge

Elixir’s 3 Year Anniversary – Totally 80’s Style

Thank you to all of our amazing guests who came out to celebrate Elixir’s 3rd Anniversary! AND A Special Thank You to everyone who got dressed up and took part in the RAD Time!!

Elixir’s Vacation Voucher Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us at Elixir! What a great party!

Treasure Chest Party 2016

Teresa’s Birthday 2016

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