Football Season Game Day Specials

Hockey Season Game Day Specials

Swing the Club Golf Tournament

Appetizer on us!

Play $40 bucks and get an Appetizer on us!

Daily from 1am – 5am

See your favorite Bartender for more information.

Game Night Specials

Hockey Specials

$5 Golden Mules featuring Stoli Gold

$5 Stoli gluten-free cocktail

$8 Wing Dings or Chef’s Hockey Special

Hockey Giveaway

Special Giveaway home games at the end of every period

(see bartender for details)


Football Specials

$12 Buckets of Corona, Corona Light, Corona Premier, or Modelo

$8 Wing Dings or Chef’s Football Special

Football Giveaway

Corona Bike at the end of season

(see bartender for details)